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Made in USA
Part# - SP-BMC-3 - Sound Professionals - Deluxe Binaural microphones with premium cables, windscreens and removable clips. Cable length 48 inches (custom lengths also available) - Made in USA - Item #12568
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Add a small, waterproof, foam lined hard case to protect your device
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    Info on S3-T1000 - $7.95

Add a pair of furry windscreens for recording in windy situations
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    Info on SP-MINI-FUR-PAIR - $16.95

Change standard miniplug to a pair of XLR connectors for use with phantom power
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    Info on SP-ADD-XLR-PHANTOM-PAIR - $99.95

Change standard connector to a right angle miniplug
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    Info on SP-MINI-RTANGLE-1 - $15.00

Add an additional pair of windscreens for recording outdoors (one standard black pair is included)
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    Info on SP-PREM-WS - $6.99
    Info on SP-MINI-WS - $6.99

Add a microphone power supply for loud recording situations
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    Info on SP-SPSB-10 - $59.00
    Info on SP-SPSB-11 - $65.00

Add an extension cable to extend the length of the mic cables
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    Info on SP-SPSC-8 - $9.95
    Info on SP-SPSC-1 - $19.95

Add a USB adapter to make Binaural recording with a computer
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    Info on ANDREA-USB-SA - $59.95

Add an extended warranty (1 year is included no charge)
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    Info on SP-EXT-WAR-2-99 - $9.99
    Info on SP-EXT-WAR-3-99 - $14.99
Part #: SP-BMC-3

The SP-BMC-3 Sound Professionals Deluxe Binaural microphones are very small about the size of pencil eraser tip. The cable enters the rear of each mic capsule. General information about all of our Binaural microphones is available here.

The microphone cartridges are very rugged and are hand crafted to insure lifetime of accurate recordings. The two microphone elements are each mounted in their own high quality rubber housing.

Standard lapel-style clips are included that can be used to attach the microphones to a various mounting surface.


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Details Brand Sound Professionals
Description Deluxe Binaural microphones with premium cables, windscreens and removable clips. Cable length 48 inches (custom lengths also available) - Made in USA
Price $89.00
Reviews Number of Reviews: 2
Avg Score (out of 5): 5.0
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Specifications Frequency Response 20-20,000 Hz
Signal To Noise Ratio Standard Sensitivity 58dB/High Sensitivity 62dB
Open Circuit Sensitivity Standard Sensitivity-42dB/High Sensitivity-35dB/Ultra-high Sensitivity-23dB
Maximum Input Sound Level 105dB/120dB
Dynamic Range 81dB/96dB
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Dimensions in inches .3 X .5
Cable Length 48"
Microphone Body Material Black Rubber
Power Requirements 2-12vdc "plug in power", power from Battery Module, or phantom power with power converter adapter
Features Interchangeable capsules available? No
Windscreens Premium small (SP-PREM-WS)
Croakie Option Yes
Clip availability Included removable lapel clip (SP-STH043)
Customer Reviews:
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Avg. Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
Number Of Reviews: 2
1081 of 2141 people found the following review helpful:
5 out of 5 stars Binaural mics SP-BMC-3 00/00/0000
Reviewer: Gary FAULKNER   ( from MC KINNEY, TX US
I have used these mics through a battery box I bought here(w/ bass rolloff) with a sharp md mt770 to record my band rehearsal. They have delivered an outstanding quality of sound. They are a little bass heavy, so a bass rolloff battery box is a good investment. I highly recommend this setup for live recording. My bandmates jaws dropped when I played back what we had just done through the PA system. It sounded as if we were playing live at that moment.
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1066 of 2070 people found the following review helpful:
5 out of 5 stars Excellent quality & price 00/00/0000
Reviewer: Jeff DLB   from Maryland, USA
I have been using these mics for a month now (with Sony MZ-RH10 minidisc) and have been quite pleased. The quality is very good and the price can't be beat. I have used them for stealth recording an outdoor blues show, as well as for open recording of basement jam sessions, solo piano, solo female vocal, and various ambient sounds. In all cases, any flaws in the recording were from crowd noise, movement, etc--not from the quality of the mics themselves.
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