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binaural cardioid products containing binaural cardioids of various types - information below:

binaural cardioid products are available here at deep discount prices. We have many different types of binaural cardioid products and all are in stock ready to ship. We offer free expert technical assistance on binaural cardioid products at 800-213-3021 or 856-638-0008. We also have closeout binaural cardioid product specials everyday here:

binaural cardioid products are used in the following ways:

binaural cardioid products are used to pick up sound and change them into electrical signals that can be recorded or amplified.

binaural cardioids are available in the following brands:

We have low prices on binaural cardioid products and we carry many name brands including Sound Professionals, Applied microphone technology, Marantz, Superscope, Audio Technica, Samson, Sennheiser, Rode, Groove Tubes, M-audio, Midiman, and others.

These are just a few of the binaural cardioid products that we carry:

Get help with the use of binaural cardioids with the following FAQ's:

Binaural vs Cardioid FAQ
Dual Mono FAQ
Lectures FAQ
Live Show Equipment FAQ
Live Show in Mono FAQ

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