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  How to make a Binaural recording using a Computer

FAQ: How to make a Binaural recording using a computer

This FAQ will explain how to make a Binaural recording using a computer and a set of Binaural microphones

1- Can a computer be used to make a Binaural recording?

Yes. A computer makes an excellent digital recorder and the audio quality is limited only by the audio interface used to get the audio into the computer.

2- Can I plug the mics directly into the computers mic input?
No, sorry. Microphone inputs on computers are mono (one channel), not stereo (two channel). Binaural recordings require two channels of audio recording (commonly known as stereo recording). However, to be clear, a stereo recording is not the same as a Binaural recording - they just both use the same type of recorders. It's the mics and how they are used that makes a recording Binaural or stereo. To use a computer to make a Binaural recording, you need a two channel audio interface, like this one from Andrea electronics or Tascam.

3- Can I see some example of Binaural mics?
Sure! Here is the whole category and here is the most popular model

4- What type of software is needed to make a Binaural recording?
There are hundreds of available software programs that can be used. You can go to for many of them, or for a couple of free suggestions, try CD Wave or Audacity.

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