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How can I transfer audio at high speed digitally from my MD recorder to my PC (or MAC)?

4-How do I know if I have a line input? What if I don't have one?

1- Can I make a high speed transfer to a computer from my MD recorder?
Unfortunately, no. No MD recorder currently made (as of 3-22-2003) can transfer high speed data from a MiniDisc to a computer. If you have one of the Net MD recorders, you can transfer in the other direction....from the computer to the MD, but not the other way.

2-Well, can I at least make a digital transfer, so that there is no loss of sound quality?

Yes, and no. If you are using one of the typical consumer MD recorders available, there answer is no. There are a few professional MD recorders available with digital outputs, like this one. Otherwise, the only way is to go buy yourself a home deck with digital output.

3-Well then, what is the best way to make a transfer, if I don't want to spend a ton of money?

You can make an analog transfer from your MD's headphone jack (or line output, if it has one) to a stereo line input (not mic input!) or your computer's soundcard. As long as the quality of your soundcard is good, your transfer will be quite good.

4-How do I know if I have a line input?

First, check your documentation that came with your computer and see if there is mention of a line input. If you can find any information about a line input, look on your computer's rear panel for a small port (usually 1/8" hole) labeled "line in" or marked with a circle with an arrow pointing into it. If you don't have a line input, and you are using a MAC or Windows computer running Win 98SE or higher, you can use an inexpensive, yet high quality device called the iMIC to get your audio into the computer via USB, shown here.

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