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FAQ on the benefits of "Dual Mono" microphones

1-What does it mean to have a microphone wired "Dual Mono"?
What we call "Dual Mono" is a mono microphone that has it's signal sent to both contacts of a stereo plug, so that it feeds both channels of a stereo microphone input jack. Typically, this is a stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) mini plug.

2-Why would I want this?

If you are recording with a mono microphone into a stereo recorder, and would like to hear what you recorded on both channels upon playback, you would want your microphone wired "dual mono".

3-What happens if I plug a "Dual Mono" mic into a stereo recorder?

If you plug a "Dual Mono" mic into a stereo recorder's mic input, the mono signal will feed into both channels. The same signal will be recorded on both channels.

4- What happens if I plug a "Dual Mono" mic into a stereo set to record in the mono mode?

You would get the same signal on both channels.

5- What happens if I plug a "Dual Mono" mic into a mono recorder?

You don't want to do this. Plugging into a mono recorder would short one contact to ground and the mic won't work properly and you risk damaging the mic and/or your recorder (although the risk of damage is remote). If you plan on using a mic with a mono recorder, don't get the "Dual Mono" version.

6-If I record with a "Dual Mono" mic, would it be the same as making a stereo recording?

No. Technically, you would still be making a two channel recording, but both channels will have the exact same signal on them. Therefore, it really isn't "stereo", since a stereo recording normally would have a slightly different signal on each channel. This difference is what aids in the spatial effect you get with a stereo recording.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please contact us.

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