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Made in USA
Part# - SP-TFB-2 - Sound Professionals - Low Noise In-Ear Binaural Microphone - available with 3.5mm (1/8 inch) or XLR connectors - Perfect for ASMR - Made in USA - Item #13095
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The SP-TFB-2 Sound Professionals In-Ear Binaural microphones are mounted in extremely comfortable super-soft, In-Ear holders that slip right into the ear structure. Why put microphone here you ask?

Pretty simple, really. There have been many 'binaural' microphone designs over the years.......mics built into fake heads, built into Croakies, made with clips for attaching to glasses, built into headphones and earbuds.
All of these have one flaw......none actually put the mic element in the best possible place for the most realistic recording within the Pinna (the part of the human ear that is visible the folds on the outside). Even earbud Binaurals have the mic element outside the Pinna. Because everyone's Pinna is unique, recording made in your own ears will sound the most realistic.
These mics put the mic element right next to the ear canal, well within the Pinna. This results in the most realistic recording possible, from the perspective of the person wearing them.
While recording, your hearing is not impaired, so you can enjoy the sound of the performance while making very realistic recording. The cables terminate in a stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) right angle gold-plated miniplug. There are two available microphone sensitivities. The standard sensitivity option is for use in situations that will range from fairly quiet to very loud sounds. The high sensitivity option is for use in situations that will range from very quiet to moderately loud sounds.

General information about all of our Binaural microphones is available here.

Recommended accessories and descriptions (all items are show at right):

    - Windscreens: Since there are some variances in the shape of the human ear, and especially for customers with larger than average ears, and/or for windy situations, soft foam windscreens are available. These windscreens are acoustically transparent, and allow sound to pass through to your ears and the microphones completely unchanged. These are also handy for those recordists who need the microphones to be very unobtrusive as they completely cover the mic element. Windscreens are not returnable.
    - Microphone power supply (Battery Modules): For loud recording situations, the mics need more power than typical recorder can provide. You can also use battery module to adjust bass response and adjust levels. See the details on each module for features and specifications. General information on all battery modules can be found here.


    - Flat frequency response
    - Omni-directional pickup pattern
    - Small size Can be used directly with any recorder that has "plug-in-power" or with battery module
    - Produces extremely realistic recordings


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Avg. Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
Number Of Reviews: 29
13 of 27 people found the following review helpful:
2 out of 5 stars I cant hear nothing!! 08/25/2021
Reviewer: emma   from Stockholm, sweden
I have a ZoomH5 bought extra splitter for $99 or so Plugged it in to my zoom with phantom power. I cant hear NADA.. and the sound that is coming out is full of buzzing and static. There is nothing wrong with my recorder. I bought the ultra low noise level the whole kit cost me a lot And for now im not happy!!
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2169 of 4127 people found the following review helpful:
4 out of 5 stars They were wrong! 00/00/0000
Reviewer: Andy Williams   ( from Geneva, Switzerland
"You're going to try recording with those in your ears! Why bother -- something that small can't be much good". That's what my pals said at the start of the Elton John open-air concert near Geneva, Switzerland this week-end (July 2002). But, when we got back home they were soon eating their words!! In fact, they were amazed. Me too -- the sound was very realistic, over headphones or speakers. The only issue was on some tracks where there was loud bass and/or high volume, which apparently resulted in bass saturation/distortion. I think I am now going to buy a battery box/bass roll-off box. It will double the original purchase cost, but if the mikes are that good to start with, with a b-box they will be very impressive! Why not 5 stars? Only because they didn't feel that secure in my ears. But, I bought the foam wind-shields, so will see if using them makes a difference (I did ease the tension in the cables at my ears by using a bit of medical tape behind each ear -- I have long hair, so it wasn't visible!) Note from The Sound Professionals: The battery module mentioned is indeed necessary for loud recordings, so this won't be a problem in his future recordings. The mics come in one size and the windscreens are used for folks with ears somewhat larger than the 'average'.
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2122 of 4274 people found the following review helpful:
5 out of 5 stars What Sound 00/00/0000
Reviewer: A viewer   from Toronto, Canada
On my first playback with these mics I was amazed. When listening on headphones you feel like you can reach out and grab the sound. On speakers the results are almost as impressive. This has to be one of the hottest output microphones I own(including big name mics) and could easily be used for shooting realistic(accoustically) foley(Extremely low noise). Since getting them I've recorded thunderstorms, protests(very nice that they're so inconspicuous), metro/vehicle, roomtones. I'm using them on everything from now on. Quite susceptible to wind noise, but I'm not using the wind screens...yet Nicely done Sound Professionals...
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2239 of 4391 people found the following review helpful:
5 out of 5 stars Outstanding Realism!! 00/00/0000
Reviewer: Alex   ( from Long Island NY U.S.A
I bought a pair of these along with the sound pros mike preamp, I have them hooked up to my Nomad Jukebox 3's line input(and I record in WAV format 44khz), the sound is amazing! and as far as I can tell there is little or no noise (using the etymotic's er6's) [hopefully ill have some demmos up in the near future] Great product!!
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2207 of 4868 people found the following review helpful:
5 out of 5 stars Great mics! 00/00/0000
Reviewer: A viewer   from California
I use these with a battery box/bass rolloff and these record really realistic sounds and they are pretty stealthy! My recordings have turned out really well!
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