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Affiliate Program

Do you like money?

Do you have your own website?

Do you have visitors coming to your site that are interested in the same things you are?

Make some easy money NOW by joining The Sound Professionals affiliate program! Earn 5% commission without any of the hassles!

The Sound Professionals affiliate program provides an easy way for you to make some money with your website. You don't need to do any work (beyond putting the items on your site, of course!). We take care of processing the orders, dealing with the credit cards, packing the orders, customer service, etc. All you do is put the items you want to "carry" onto your site (and we provide the HTML code and images!) and when someone goes to your site and "buys" the item through your site, you are credited with the sale! You will receive a 5% commission for any Sound Professionals brand product your "customer" buys. It's as simple as that. If you wish, you can just put a link on your site to ours and any Sound Professionals brand product purchased through that link earns you the same commission!

Here is the process:

1-Click on this link to sign up: Register here

2-Fill out all of the required fields and submit the application

3-You will be automatically redirected to a page that is your "control panel". Here you can begin to setup your "store" on your website. You will receive an E-mail confirmation of your registration.

4-If you just want to link to our site (without putting actual products on your site) you can do this by clicking on the link "CHOOSE BANNER/TEXT LINKS". If you use this method, you will get credit for any product a customer buys on our site. There is no expiration on this, so as long as you remain an affiliate, you will always get credit for any Sound Professionals brand product this customer buys.

5-If you want to "carry" specific products of ours on your site, click on the link "VIEW/CREATE MY STORE". You will be directed to a page with instructions on how to add items to your website. We provide the images, text, links and HTML code for you. All you do is copy and paste it onto your site. You can also get a search engine for our site here and put it on your website. Again, any Sound Professionals brand product your "customer" buys either way earns you a commission.

On the control panel, you can also view your stats, to see how much money you have earned and see how much you have been paid so far, etc. Payments are mailed quarterly.

That's all there is to it!

Start earning money today!

Click here to get started!

Welcome to The Sound Professionals, Inc.

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