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Part# - CA-TYPE-85-DIRECT-BOX - Countryman Associates - DT85 - Type 85 Di Box (Direct Box) - Item #DS-11236
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How do you send the purest, warmest and most natural signal out of high-impedance instrument to balanced mic input at the console? Countryman's Type 85 Direct Interface box.

Reflecting the ultimate engineering and highest-quality materials, the Type 85 DI Box adds nothing and removes nothing from the instrument's signal. No distortion. No electronic hum or buzz. No loss of dynamic range. It's the only active direct box that delivers such clear, strong, warm signal to the mixer.

What's more, its design is sleek, compact, and virtually indestructible, and its 9V battery back up to phantom power helps ensure it will never lose power onstage. Countryman's Type 85 is hands-down the most valuable and cost-effective direct box on the market!


    - Connects any high-impedance instrument (including piano) to an XLR mic input Active direct box can run off internal 9V battery (~400 hours) if phantom power isn't available


    - Strong, clean signal to the mix board with no added noise or distortion Isolates ground buzz between console and amp


    - Small, compact, sleek design Almost invisible on stage


    - Nearly impossible to break Internal components are fully protected against electrical damage Input circuit withstands 220V AC all day long, and static spikes up to 20,000 volts! Five-year warranty

The Type 85 connects any high-impedance instrument pickup, even piezo pickups, to balanced microphone (XLR type) input. It provides strong, clean signal to the mix board without adding noise or distortion. It wont change the tone or volume you hear from your own amp like passive direct boxes. It wont break just when you need it. It wont develop dead battery on stage because it runs on Phantom power.


Connectors and switches are recessed into single-piece extruded case with extra-thick walls. You can literally drive truck over Type 85 without hurting it. Internal electronics are molded in solid epoxy block and fully protected against electrical damage. The input can withstand 220 AC all day long and static spikes up to 20,000 V.Battery or Phantom Power

Most mixing consoles provide 48 Phantom power and the Type 85 will automatically use it. If you dont have Phantom power, the Type 85 will run for about 400 hours from single internal V battery.

Simply Exceptional Sound

The Type 85 uses only hand-selected high-quality discrete components woven into single-ended class circuit, much like classic tube microphone preamp. The Type 85 has an incredibly smooth, sweet sound. Unlike many active DI boxes, the Type 85 can always isolate ground, even when running on Phantom power, to help eliminate hum and buzz from ground problems.

The Type 85 doesnt have roll off switches or effects. Adjusting the frequency content of sound source is an artistic decision best done at the mixing location where you can hear the results and easily make changes.

Frequency Response:20 Hz to 20 kHz +- dB

Noise Floor (shorted input):.63 ??V RMS (-122 dBu)

Power Requirements: 9 battery or .4 mA 48 Phantom

Input Protection: 220 RMS and 20,000 static discharges

Voltage Gain: -10 dB in Pickup mode-46 dB in Speaker mode

RF Filtering: 250 kHz Low Pass on input30 kHz Low Pass on output

Maximum Input Level: 5 P-P in Pickup mode300 P-P in Speaker modeEqual to 2,800 Watts into Ohms

Distortion:.018% THD 1 kHz and V P-P in.08% IMD 10 kHz/60 Hz V P-P in

Input Resistance:10 MOhms in Pickup mode (10 times the input resistance of typical guitar amplifier.)

Input Capacitance: 160 picofarad, equal to two feet of low-capacitance guitar cable.

Dimensions: 1.75 in 3 in 5 in (45 mm 77 mm 127 mm)

Weight: 18.5 oz (.52 kg)

Type 85: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hook up Type 85?

The diagrams on the next two pages show you the two most common ways to connect your Type 85.

I have just guitar (or other signal source) and no amplifier. How do hook it up to the Type 85?

All signal sources must go to the "INST." jack because inserting plug into the "INST" jack turns the TYPE 85 on. The "AMP." jack is simply connected in parallel with the "INST" jack but it does not operate the power switch.

How do you use the "PICKUP-SPEAKER" switch?

Use the "SPEAKER" position when the TYPE 85 is connected to the speaker output of an amplifier and the "PICKUP" for all other sources including preamp outputs.

How many watts can the TYPE 85 handle?

The TYPE 85 is so well protected it can handle the full output of any amp without damage. In "SPEAKER" mode the TYPE 85 will distort at the equivalent of 1,700 watts into ohms.

How does the TYPE 85 use Phantom power?

If your microphone input has 48 volt Phantom Power, the TYPE 85 will automatically switch off its battery and use the phantom. The TYPE 85 will operate with phantom voltages as low as 24 volts but you will need to remove its internal battery.

How many hours will the TYPE 85 battery last?

A fresh alkaline V battery will run the Type 85 for 400 hours. Thats months running hours day but only weeks running all the time so its best to turn the TYPE 85 off when not in use. Unplugging the plug from the TYPE 85 "INST." jack turns off the battery. Unplugging the "INST." input does not turn off the TYPE 85 when its running on Phantom power but it shorts the input to ground to reduce noise.


Please see description for specifications

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