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Part# - MS-IOS-STEREO-ADAPTER - Master Series by Sound Professionals - Professional Stereo Microphone adapter connects Stereo/Binaural microphones and headphones to an iOS device with Lightning connector - Item #

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This stereo microphone and headphone adapter will allow you to connect Stereo or Binaural microphones to an iOS device through the Lightning connector to make high quality audio and video recordings. Perfect for recording concerts, interviews and more. You can also use the adapter to connect headphones for playback and in some cases (depending on the app), you can monitor what you are recording.

Why can't you just plug a mic into the mic input on your device? Here are the problems with recording into a phone:

1 - The mic input on a Smartphone or tablet is designed for recording voices at reasonable volume levels - NOT loud concerts. The mic preamp in these devices overload very easily.

2 - The power provided by the phone to power the mic is very low - only about 1 volt. Most mics need 2 volts for normal performance and work better at 8-10 volts. Note: While this adapter provides enough power for most situations, you ma need one of our microphone power supplies for extremely loud situations.

3 - The mic input on a phone is mono, not stereo. While there is nothing wrong with a mono recording, a stereo recording will sound much fuller and more open. It will give you a realistic recording that sounds much more like the what you experienced live than a mono recording.

Small enough to carry anywhere, this interface is the perfect addition to your iPhone or iPad and easy to carry everywhere. Just plug in your microphone and you are ready to record in high definition CD quality stereo! Only 3.5" x 2.2" x 1". Requires iOS 10 or higher. The following apps have been tested. If you have one you would like to use that is not on the list, please email us.

Audio only:


Rode Rec LE

Tascam PCMRecorder

Apple Voice Memo

Andrea Electronics PureAudio Pro

Andrea Electronics PureAudio Plus

Zoom Handy Recorder

iRig Recorder

Motiv Audio

Video with Audio:

iOS camera app


Motiv Video

Stereo Headphone Output
3.5mm Stereo Jack
Freq Response: 20Hz to 20KHz 
Output: 1.27 Vrms
Impedance: 32 Ohms
THD+N: -91dB   
Dynamic Range: 94dB
SNR: 99dB
D2A: 16 Bit Resolution
Sample Rate: up to 44.1KHz

Stereo Mic Input
3.5mm Stereo Jack
Plug in Power: 3.3VDC with 2.2K Bias Resistor   
Freq Response: 20Hz to 20KHz
Max Input: 1.25Vrms
THD: -84dB    
Dynamic Range: 95dB
SNR: 96dB
Mic Input Gain: -12dB to +5dB
A2D: 16 Bit Resolution
Sample Rate: up to 44.1KHz


Please see description for specifications

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