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Part# - PopGard2000 - Windtech - PopGard 2000 (Side-Address Microphone Pop Filter) - Item #69-13778
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Part #: PopGard2000

After more than two years in development, the PopGard is the next generation in Microphone protection. The PopGard Model 2000 offers excellent protection against plosive sounds in side address microphones in studio and broadcast applications. In addition, the PopGard is hydrophobic, helping to prevent moisture from reaching the Microphone Element while remaining acoustically transparent. Weighing less than one ounce, the PopGard is easy to clean and attaches in seconds to most side address microphones from 1.8" to 2.7" (46mm to 68mm) in diameter. There is no need for clamps or goosenecks to mount, the PopGard easily attaches to the Microphone body using lightweight elastic bands. This mounting method allows the PopGard to move with the Microphone without constant adjustment.

The PopGard is designed, tooled and manufactured in America!

Windtech PopGard Features:

  • Stops "plosive" sounds
  • Acoustically Transparent
  • Moves with the Microphone
  • Lightweight weighs less than ounce
  • Hydrophobic helps stop moisture
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Attaches in seconds
  • Fits microphones from 46 to 68mm
  • Made in America!

PopGard Microphone Model Compatibility List


Audio Technica: AT5040, AT2020, AT2035, AT2050, AT4033, AT4040, AT4047, AT4050, AT4060, ATR2500, AT4080, AT5040.

Audix: CX212B.

Apogee: MiC.

Aphex: Microphone X.

Avantone: CV28, CK6, CR14, CK40, CK7, CV12, BV-12, BV-1.

AKG: 2000 B, 214, 414, Perception 420, C414XL II, Perception 120, Perception 220, Perception 120 USB, Perception 820 Tube, 12 VR.

Behringer: C-1, C-3, B-2 Pro, C-1U, B-1.

Blue: Cactus, Kiwi, Reactor, Woodpecker, Blueberry, Baby Bottle, Bluebird, Spark.

Bock Audio: 195, 241, 251, 507, FET.

CAD: E100S, E300S, Trion 8000, GLX 3000BP, GLX2200BP, GLX3000, GLX 2400, GLX2200, M179.

Cascade: Ribbon Series, Fat Head, Gomez

Lauten Audio: Atlantis FC-387, Horizon.

Lewitt: LCT 240, LCT 540, LCT 640, LCT 840, LCT 940.

Manley: Reference Cardioid, Gold Reference.

Miktek: CV 4, MK 7.

Mohave Audio: MA-200, MA-201fet, MA-300.

MXL: Genesis, CR89, CR30, Temple XLR, Revelation, Gold 35, CX22, V177, V89, 88, 87, 69, 67, 76, 2010, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2001, 770, 440, BCC1, BCD1, R77, R144, R150, 870, 880, 890, 910, 920, V63M, 3000, 4000, V900, 9090, 9000, 960, 909, 190, 992, 990.

Nady: RSM-1, RSM-4, RSM-5, TRM-6, SCM0800, SCM-900, SCM-960, SCM-1000, SCM-2090, CM-2S.

Neumann: BCM 104, 705. D-01, M147, TLM102, TLM103, TLM170, TLM193, TLM67, U87, U89i, USM69i.

Peavey: Studio Pro M1, Studio Pro M2.

Rode: NT1-A, NT 1000, NT2-A, NT 2000, K2, NTK, Classic II, Podcaster.

Samson: C01, CO2, CO3, CL2, CL5N, CL7, CL8, Meteor Mic, MTR101, MTR 201, MTR231, Track.

Se: G3500, Magneto, X1, 2200, 4400, Titanium, VR1, VR2.

Sennheiser: MK4, e609, e906.

Shure: KSM42, 44, 32, 313, 353. Beta 27, 181. PG 27, PG42USB.

Sony: C-800G.

Sterling: ST51, ST55, ST59, ST6050, ST66, ST69, ST77, ST79.

Studio Projects: B1, LSM, CS56, B3, C1, T3.

Telefunken: ELA 215 E, AR51, CU-29, ELA M260, AK47, AR70, C12, U47.

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