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Part# - SP-BUILD-ZOOMx2-KIT - Sound Professionals - Recording kit to join and record using two ZOOM (or any other) teleconference connections - compatible with all CAT programs, tablets & computers - Item #B-15531

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This kit allows you to join a teleconference and also record everyone in the teleconference (including yourself). Compatible with all CAT programs, tablets, phones and computers. To keep cost down, only add the components you need.

Details on the items in the kit:

CAT recording connection into the computer running the CAT program

- 2-way USB sound adapter for CAT computer: This is a custom version of an Andrea USB sound adapter with excellent noise and echo filtering. This device will plug into the computer that is running your CAT program. The incoming and outgoing audio will be processed by this sound adapter, not the computer's internal soundcard.

- Connection to teleconference device for CAT computer: If you are using a mobile phone, tablet or computer for this connection, select one of the patch cables, with the length you desire. If you are using a standard landline phone to dial in, select the SP-TELEPHONE-TAP. If you are using a cordless landline phone with a 2.5mm headset jack in the handset to dial in, select the SP-CORDLESS-TELEPHONE-TAP for this connection.

- Patch cable to also connect to Steno writer of digital recorder: If you want to make a backup recording into a Steno writer or digital recording along with the recording in your CAT program, add this cable.

Court Reporter Connection

- Lapel mic/earbud or headset option: This is how the Court Reporter will hear and be heard. If you are using a mobile device, you can use a lapel microphone and earbud combo (SP-COURT-MIC-2 and SP-EARBUDS-5), or a headset. Of you opt for a headset, it can be wired (AN-NC-181VM or AN-NC-185VM) or wireless Bluetooth (AN-WNC-2100 or AN-WNC-2500). If you are using a landline phone, you can select the headset (SP-HEADSET-RJ9)


Please see description for specifications

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