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Part# - SP-MULTI-MIC - Sound Professionals - 3 High Sensitivity Omnidirectional Microphones and Triple Y inch Adapter with Optional USB Adapter/Soundcard, includes clips and windscreens - Item #B-12918

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New! Available exclusively from The Sound Professionals, this is the smallest, high-sensitivity multiple microphone system available!

It includes 3 small high gain, high sensitivity microphones. The microphones can be spread around room or table to evenly pickup sounds from three areas. The cable length is meters (78 inches) on each mic.

The optional USB audio interface includes headphone jack that offers real-time monitoring of the sound begin recorded and set of quality Koss Earbuds. It has high quality 5.1 virtual surround sound output for playback of stereo sources, and it's compatible with PC and MAC. (The real-time headphone monitor is not activated with Mac).

** Note to Mac users: We now have Mac drivers available! See below. **

Download short MP3 sample here. This sample was made with Dell Latitude D510 Laptop computer with the mic in the USB port on the side of the computer. The person speaking in the recording was sitting in front of the Laptop at normal typing distance (about 18" from the mic).


-Three microphone jack "Y" adapter included

-Three high gain, high sensitivity, omnidirectional microphones with meter cables included


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