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Part# - SP-SPSB-1 - Sound Professionals - Microphone power supply with 9v power and optional bass roll off - Item #B-13002

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Part #: SP-SPSB-1

Premium Battery Module

This battery module is recommended when you need to use our small microphones in high SPL situations. The case of this battery module is made of lightweight black ABS plastic.

This will power your microphones with 9 volts of bias power (sometimes called "plug in power"). Most small Electret Condenser microphones will enjoy improved high SPL performance with this higher power, since most portable recorders only provide about 3-5 volts plug in power at the mic input.

New now available with built-in microphones! With this option, a pair of omnidirectional microphones are built right into either side of the case. So, when no external mics are plugged in, the built in mics are active and you have high quality powered stereo microphone. When you plug in your external mics, the unit works like a typical microphone power supply and the internal mics are defeated. NOTE: You *must* select removable cable option when selecting the built-in microphone option.

Read this FAQ which explains why you may need battery module or mic preamp for your situation.

Optional Bass Roll-off:
An optional selectable bass roll off (bass reduction) filter is built in which provides seven different bass roll-off frequencies to choose from, with independent switches for each channel. The bass roll off is used when the material to be recorded has excessive bass content and allows the user to adjust the bass response of the mic system accordingly. The selectable frequencies are 16Hz (no bass roll off), 69Hz, 95Hz, 107Hz, 160Hz, 195Hz and 888Hz.


    - Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 3.9" (2.54cm 5.08cm 9.91cm)
    - Uses standard volt long life battery, included
      - Small, lightweight case
      - Power module has 300-500 hour battery life, depending on microphones used
      - 24 inch output cable (removable or permanently attached)


    Please see description for specifications

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    Avg. Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    Number Of Reviews: 2
    1369 of 2534 people found the following review helpful:
    4 out of 5 stars Good but not perfect 00/00/0000
    Reviewer: R.J. Perz-Edwards   ( from Durham, NC US
    This battery modules works well. The only option I have is the level control, and this is slightly irritating, because you have to open the case to change the level. I really wonder why they don't put the level control sliders on the outside of the box, which would be fairly easy. My fix, was to cut two long slots in the cover so I can adjust the sliders with a pen or something, not ideal, but better than before. again, this is such a trivial thing to do, i wonder why they don't make it with the sliders outside the box. Note from The Sound Professionals: Thanks for the suggestion. When this was designed, we considered making the level controls in this manner, but we decided not to because there would be too much risk of inadvertently moving a control if the box was placed in a pocket or bag. Instead, we offer the hinge option, so that it's easy to access the controls when you need to. Hope this helps!
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    1287 of 2515 people found the following review helpful:
    5 out of 5 stars bass roll off a must 00/00/0000
    Reviewer: Rob M   from Mumbai (for now)
    I purchased this module as I was experiencing some bass distortion on some of the loud rock shows I had recorded. I wanted the bass roll-off option as I had read about others who record using this feature. It worked incredible on my next recording. I used the 69Hz roll-off frequency, and the recording came out great with amazing bass, but no distortion. I highly recommend this option for those rock concert recorders out there. The more loud bass, the more roll-off required, but will yield an excellent response. The battery boost also increases the db level the microphone can handle. I used a Delta mic from reactive sounds, and the db level went from 105 to 120...which is a very good range for loud shows.
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