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Part# - WT-900 - Windtech - Black color 900 Series Foam Windscreen For Many Ball Type Standard Handheld Microphones - See Reference Chart For Details - Item #04-13692
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Part #: WT-900

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Click the link above to see compatible microphones

This windscreen will fit:

Shure: SM58, Beta 58, Beta 87A, Beta 87C, PG58, PG48, SM48, SM96, VP88, SM87, SM53, SM54, PE85, PE86, BG3.0, PE15, PE75, 12a, 14A, 587, 587SB

Electrovoice: RE50/B, BK1, Co5, Co7, Co9, DS35, MC100, MC150, MC300, MT200, N/D247, 257, 267, N/D357, 367, 457, 757, N/D767, PL50, PL60, PL70, PL77, PL80, RE11, RE16, RE18

Sennheiser: e825S, e865, MD21, 200, MD400, MD416,?? MD425, MD427, MD429, MD511, MD512, MD515, MD516, MD735, MD736, ME65, MKE44, SKM3072, SKM5000, SKM100, SKM300, SKM500, SKP30

Audio-Technica: AE3300, 4100, 5400, 6100, ATM23, 25, 29, 31, 41, 61, ATM91, AT801, AT802, AT813, AT814, ATW7375, ATW-T602, MB1000, Pro-1a, Pro-2ax, Pro-3, Pro-4, Pro-5, Pro-10

Audix: OM-3, OM-5, OM-6, OM-7, VX-10

AKG: C900, D40, D50, D60, D80, D90, D95, D125, D130, D190, D200, D310, D321, D330, D590, D770, D880, C535, CK4, D3700, D3800, D5900

Beyerdynamic: BM85, EM85, M01, M59, M69, M260, M300, M400, M500, MCE81, TGX-20, TGX-40, TGX-58, TGX-60, TGX-80

Neumann: KMS105, KMS140, KMS150

Nady: SP-1, SP-3, SP-4, SP-5, SP-9, SP10, WHT14, WHT15, UH10

Peavey: Celebrity, PAA250, PVM835, PVM880, PV, PVi

Telex: HT700, SH100, FMR150, FMR450, EN6100, H12E, VR12E


Please see description for specifications

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