FAQ on the benefits of "Dual Mono" microphones


1-What does it mean to have a microphone wired "Dual Mono"?

What we at The Sound Professionals call "Dual Mono" is a mono microphone that has it's signal sent to both contacts of a stereo plug, so that it feeds both channels of a stereo microphone input jack. Typically, this is a stereo 1/8" mini plug.

2-Why would I want this?

If you are recording with a mono microphone into a stereo recorder, but would like to be able to hear what you recorded on both channels upon playback, having a mic wired "Dual Mono" would accomplish this.

3-What happens if I plug a "Dual Mono" mic into a stereo recorder?

If you plug a "Dual Mono" mic into a stereo recorder's mic input, the mono signal will feed into both channels. The same signal will be recorded on both channels.

4- What happens if I plug a "Dual Mono" mic into a stereo MD recorder in the mono mode?

You would get the same signal on both channels, but you will get double the record time, since recording in the mono mode with a MD recorder doubles your record time.

5- What happens if I plug a "Dual Mono" mic into a mono recorder?

You don't want to do this. Plugging into a mono recorder would short on contact to ground and the mic won;t work properly and you risk damaging the mic and/or your recorder (although the risk of damage is extremely remote). If you plan on ever using this mic with a mono recorder, don;t get the "Dual Mono" version.

6-If I record with a "Dual Mono" mic, would it be the same as making a stereo recording?

No. Technically, you would still be making a two channel recording, but both channels will have the exact same signal on them. Therefore, it really isn't "stereo", since a stereo recording normally would have a slightly different signal on each channel This difference is what aids in the spatial effect you get with a stereo recording.

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