FAQ on recording lectures, business meetings and interviews

What do I need for recording lectures, business meetings and interviews?


This on is actually pretty easy. In most cases, you can get a good recording of a lecture, business meeting or interview with a simple recorder and microphone combination.

You don;t need a fancy recorder with lots of bells and whistles...a low end MD recorder will provide all the sound quality you need, and then some. We recommend any recorder that allows you to adjust your recording levels manually while you are recording. All of the Sharp recorders have this feature, but on the newest Sony models include this.

As far as mics, a simple mono mic will do an acceptable job, like this one. It will produce a mono signal that will sound excellent. If you want to hear the same signal on both channels (we call this 'dual mono') and you don't want to be bothered with setting your MD recorder to the 'mono mode' (which will double your record running time), then this one would do the trick. If you will be in a noisy environment, then you would want to consider the Cardioid version of this mic found here. This mic is also available in 'dual mono' here.

Now, if you occasionally would like to use the same mic to also record things like practice sessions, music lessons, rehearsals, and the like, then the small "T" mic would be a better choice. It has excellent sound quality and is very easy to use. The stereo effect is not extreme, but sufficient for many situations where you don;t need a wide stereo image.

If you would like to be able to make a recording where you can tell where the people speaking are located in the room, or which direction sounds are coming from in general, then a binaural microphone is required. There are many to choose from in a wide range of prices, but the most realistic recording would come from this model.

If you want to record an interview and would like to use clip on mics (lapel mics) and set of Binaurals like these would pick up both you and the person you are speaking to very well. If you are going to do this in a noisy place, a set of Cardioids like this would be better as they will reduce some of the unwanted noise.

There are certainly plenty of other choices for mics for these purposes, but the ones mentioned here will do the job for the lowest cost while still yielding excellent results.

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