Windows installation instructions for ATW-1701-COURT-KIT (Note: if you are using Windows XP, please text 609.491.2844 for assistance)

Please complete the following steps to setup and use your wireless microphone system:

1 - Please reference the instructions provided by the wireless microphone manufacturer (Audio Technica) for location of stitches, inputs and other components of the system:

2 - Install 2 AA batteries into the transmitters. We recommend using rechargeable batteries for longer run time. This will also save money in the long run:

3 - Plug the receiver into AC power. Allow the receiver to charge for at least 4 hours before continuing with the next step. DO NOT attempt to turn on the receivers if connected to AC power.

4 - The microphone needs to be installed on the transmitter, and it is removable if you want to use a different microphone from the one you purchased with the system. To install the microphone, place the microphone gently onto the transmitter connector and rotate the microphone until it drops down onto the connector. After it drops down, push it down firmly onto the connector until it locks in with a click. To remove a microphone from the transmitter, slide the spring-loaded ring on the microphone up and gently pull the microphone straight off the transmitter.

5 - Turn the transmitter on by holding down the power/mute button on the top panel until it turns green. If you need to mute the transmitter at any time, pressing the power button once will turn the LED red and mute the microphone. Press it again to unmute it. To turn off the transmitter, hold the button down until the light goes off.

6 - Unplug the power cord on the receiver. Turn the receiver on by holding down the power button on the top panel. You will need to hold the button down for a few seconds until the power light turns green. If you want to run the receiver on AC power, plug the power cord back in. To turn off a receiver, hold the power button until the light goes out. You must turn on the receiver when the AC power is NOT connected. Once the receiver is on, you can connect the receiver to AC power again.

7 - Connect the audio cable provided by plugging one end into the audio output jack on the receiver and the other end into the pink input on the Andrea USB adapter. Be sure that the miniplugs are fully inserted into these inputs.

8 - If you want to listen to the sound the microphone is picking up, plug headphones into the "monitor" jack on the receiver and adjust the level using the headphone level control next to the monitor input jack.

9 - (First time only) On your computer, open a web browser, go to and install the driver program. Restart your computer.

10 - Plug the Andrea USB adapter into a USB port on your computer.

11 - Look on your computer taskbar and find the "Andrea Audio Commander" and open it

12 - The Audio Commander is separated into segments. In the rectangular window of the playback section, click on the word "Speakers". The Windows Sound configuration window will open on the Playback tab

13 - You should see several items listed on this screen. Look for the item with the word "Andrea" in the description. Double-click on the word "Andrea" and the "Speaker Properties" window will open. Click the "Levels" tab. You should see two level controls. Turn both level controls up to maximum and unmute the microphone. Click OK. If the green checkmark is on the "Andrea" device, find your computer's internal soundcard listed on this screen (it will have the word "Speakers" in the description), right click on it and select "Set as default device". The green checkmark will move to your computer's internal soundcard. Click OK. In the Playback section of the Audio Commander you will see a message that "This device is not from Andrea Electronics". This is normal.

14 - Back in the Audio Commander, in the recording section, look for a small box on the right side of the Audio Commander called "microphone enhancements". Deselect all boxes except "Noise cancellation". Leave this box checked. The recording level control is on the left side of the recording section.

15 - In the audio recorder section (at the bottom of the Audio Commander), click the record button and make a short test recording. Click stop. Click play. You should hear your recording coming through your computer speakers. If you do not hear anything, follow troubleshooting steps below. You can adjust the recording level using the recording knob on the left side of the Audio Commander. If you want to adjust the playback volume, do this with the volume control in the "playback" section near the top of the Audio Commander. You can now close the Audio Commander.

This completes the standard driver installation and microphone setup

In your software, you will need to set the audio parameters. The terminology may vary somewhat, depending on the software you are using. These are the optimum audio settings for high quality audio:

Audio Input Device (or recording device): Andrea USB Audio Device
File Format: PCM (some CAT programs recommend GSM instead)
Sample Rate: 22,050Hz (or 22.050kHz)
Bit rate: 16
Number of channels: 1 (mono)

Note: The 2 most important things to remember in order to get a good recording with any microphone are proper microphone placement and setting the proper recording level. In your CAT program, it is important that you reference the recording level indicator at the bottom of the screen to set your levels for your microphone. The waveform (or recording level indicator) in your CAT program should be green and yellow when your subjects are talking. If the colors change to red occasionally, that’s OK, but you do not want it to be red very often. This would produce a distorted recording. You can adjust the recording level as needed using the recording knob on the left side of the Audio Commander.

16 - Now that you have your computer and wireless system setup and ready to go, place your transmitter in the room where you want it, staying within 150 feet.

Important things to remember:

1 - Always plug in your Andrea USB adapter before opening your audio recording software. If you unplug the Andrea USB adapter at any time, you will need to restart the software for the Adapter USB adapter to be recognized.

2 - When you setup the Andrea USB adapter, the settings are retained for that USB port only. Any port that you want to use must be set up the first time you use it.


If you are not getting a strong recording level, then the driver may not have installed correctly. Please contact us for assistance.