Windows installation instructions for MS-WIRELESS-COURT-SYSTEM (Note: if you are using Windows XP, please text 609.491.2844 for assistance)

Please complete the following steps to setup and use your wireless microphone system:

1 - Open the case and remove the transmitters from the case. We have pre-installed standard Alkaline batteries into the transmitters. We recommend using rechargeable batteries for longer run time. This will also save money in the long run:

2 - Fold the power cord out of the case and unwrap the Velcro strap. Plug the cord into a standard wall outlet or power strip. Allow the receivers to charge for at least 4 hours before continuing with the next step. DO NOT attempt to turn on the receivers if the power cord is plugged in already.

3 - The microphones need to be installed on the transmitters, and they are removable if you want to use different microphones from the ones you purchased with the system. To remove a microphone from a transmitter, slide the spring-loaded ring on the microphone up and gently pull the microphone straight off the transmitter. To reinstall the microphone, place the microphone gently onto the transmitter connector and rotate the microphone until it drops down onto the connector. After it drops down, push it down firmly onto the connector until it locks in with a click.

4 - (Note: There is no need to remove the receivers from the case unless you need to change the channel). Turn each transmitter on by holding down the power/mute button on the top panel until it turns green. If you need to mute any of the transmitters at any time, pressing the power button once will turn the LED red and mute the microphone. Press it again to unmute it. To turn off a transmitter, hold the button down until the light goes off.

5 - Unplug the power cord. Turn each of the receivers on by holding down the power button on the top panel. You will need to hold the button down for a few seconds until the power light turns green. Plug the power cord back in. To turn off a receiver, hold the power button until the light goes out.

6 - Confirm that the white power button is depressed on the mixer. The white power button is on the side panel of the mixer.

7 - If you wish to monitor your microphones, plug headphones into the headphone jack on the top of the mixer.

8 - (first time only) On your computer, open a web browser, go to and install the driver program. Restart your computer.

9 - Connect the USB cable between the USB connector on the back of the box and a USB port on your computer.

10 - Place your transmitters around the room wherever you want them, staying within 150 feet. Adjust the level of each microphone on the mixer to give you strong, but not distorted, sound quality in your headphones. In Case Catalyst, it is important that you reference the recording level meter at the bottom of the screen to set your levels for each microphone. The levels in Case Catalyst should be moving in the green and yellow areas when your subjects are talking. If the recording level meter occasionally flickers into the red area, that’s OK, but you do not want it to be going into the red often. This would produce a distorted recording.

11 - When you are finished using the system, remember to turn off the transmitters and receivers.