Windows installation instructions for SP-MULTITRACK-USB (Note: if you are using Windows XP, please call 609-267-4400)

To install the driver and setup your new interface, please complete the following:

1 - Download the latest Windows drivers here:

2 - Download and run the program and allow the drivers to install. Restart your computer once this has finished.

3 - Plug one of the USB cables provided into the mini USB port on the interface labeled "Main" and the other end into the USB port you intend to use on your computer and allow the drivers to install. There are several devices that will install during this time, so it may take a moment. Do not continue until all of the drivers have finished installing. If you get an error message that states "Error: Power Surge On Hub Port: A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port", take the second USB cable provided and connect one end to the USB port on the interface labeled "AUX" and plug the other end into the A/C adapter provided and into a wall outlet (or another USB port on the computer if you prefer).

4 - Look on your Taskbar and find "Audio Commander" and open it.

5 - The Audio Commander is separated into segments. In the rectangular window on the right side of the playback section, click on the word "Andrea" (this is NOT the Andrea logo in the top left corner of the Audio Commander). The Windows sound configuration window will open on the "Playback" tab.

6 - Double-click on the first "Andrea" device in the list. Click the "levels" tab. You should see two level controls. Turn both level controls up to "100" and unmute the microphone. Click OK. Repeat this step for each of the "Andrea" devices (there will be 4 of them).

7 - Plug a pair of standard headphones into the headphone jack on the USB interface.

8 - Now click on the "Recording" tab. Double-click on the listing for the first "Andrea" device. Click the "levels" tab. Turn the level control up to maximum. Click OK. Repeat this step for each of the "Andrea" devices (there will be 4 of them). Click OK again to close this Window.

9 - Back in the Audio Commander, in the recording section, look for a small box on the right side of the Audio Commander called "microphone enhancements". Deselect all boxes except "Noise cancellation" button. Leave this box open.

10 - In the audio recorder section (at the bottom), click the record button and make a short test recording. Click stop. Put the headphones on and click play. You should hear your recording. If you want to raise or lower the recording volume, use the "microphone boost" in the "microphone enhancements" box. You can now close the Audio Commander.

This completes the standard driver installation and setup. Here are the recommended parameters for setting up your software for recording:

Audio Input Device (or recording device): Andrea USB Audio Device
File Format: PCM (or WAVE)
Sample Rate: 44,100Hz - Note: for smaller files and only slightly lower quality audio, you can use 22,050Hz instead
Bit rate: 16

11 - On the interface, turn all of the mute switches to the "ON" position. Plug your microphones into the microphone inputs.

12 - If you are using Eclipse software, please see section 17.2 Audio: Multi-channel recording of your owners manual

If you need assistance, please email or call us at 609-267-4400