Instructions for setting up and using the SP-ZOOM-RECORDING-KIT-2

Please reference the following photo when assembling your kit. We will reference ZOOM in the instructions, however, the same instructions apply if you are using a different Teleconferencing program. On all connections, make sure they the male plugs are fully inserted into the female jacks.

Please follow these steps:

1 - Please go to and download and run the driver program. After it finishes, please restart your computer.

2 - Make the following connections per the photograph above:

3 - Open the Audio Commander (referred to as "AC" hereinafter) program on both computers. In the microphone enhancements section, leave "noise cancellation" checked and uncheck everything else in this section. Set the microphone boost to "0dB". In the recording section of AC, set the recording level control to 80%. This is a starting point only and will be adjusted as needed.

4 - Move your mouse pointer into the rectangular window of the playback section. When it becomes a hand, left click on the blue words one time to open the Windows sound configuration window. In this window, look for your computer's internal soundcard. Hint: It will likely be a device labeled "speakers" or "speakers/headphones" and will NOT have the name "Andrea" in the description. Right click on this device and select "set as default device". Now look for the device with the word "Andrea" in the description and double left-click it. Click on the levels tab. Set the Speaker level to 100% and the microphone level to 80%. If either the microphone or speakers are muted , click on this icon to unmute them. Click OK to close the sound window.


If you are need assistance, please contact us for assistance by texting us at 609-491-2844.